1storphandrawingBethany Children’s Home has been serving youth in the community since 1863. Returning from the Civil War where he was doing missionary work, Rev. Emanuel Boehringer witnessed so many soldiers dying and wondered “what of the children?”

He set up his own “plan for founding an orphans home” and looked for assistance through his Church Synod. Rev. Boehringer and his family did not wait on his church’s decision to assist him but opened the doors of his own home at 402 Morris Street in Philadelphia. Caroline Engle, age 6, was the first child to be accepted on September 21, 1863. 

Today, Bethany is home to youth ranging in age from 10-21 and serves over 300 youth per year. Through our Trauma Informed Residential, Short Term, Independent Living, and Shelter Care programs we provide therapeutic care in a homelike environment.