Redner’s Save-A-Tape


Redner’s is committed to the communities that it is a part of, and wants to help out the non-profit organizations whose members shop in their stores. In this interest, Redner’s developed the 1% Save-A-Tape program. Bethany Children’s Home has participated in the program for 20 years!

Here’s how it works:
Each member of our participating group must stop at the store office or Customer Service area to get a Save-A-Tape card. By using this card each time you purchase merchandise at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, your receipt will be designated as a Save-A-Tape customer receipt.

Our Development Team will total all the Save-A-Tape totals on your receipts. When we have accumulated enough tapes to receive a meaningful rebate, (at least $50 rebate) we will take the bundle of receipts to our local Redner’s.

Within 8 weeks Bethany will get a check for 1% of the toal amount of the tapes submitted (Excluding items controlled by the government such as tax, milk and tobacco products).

An example of what you can do:
Lets say our group has 50 families with an average of $75.99 per week in supermarket expenditures. If it was all spent at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, and we saved tapes for a year, we would receive a check for $1,950.00. There is no time limit and no dollar limit!

Start saving your tapes today and you’ll soon be contributing to Bethany’s benefits of this simple program.