What is Over the Edge?

Over the Edge is a unique opportunity to provide individuals the opportunity to rappel down the side of 525 Student Apartments located on Lancaster Avenue on September 22, 2017.  This is our 2nd year hosting this special fundraising event in Reading, PA. Individuals and teams join together to earn a spot to rappel by raising a minimum of $1,000 from friends, family, and colleagues. Last year we raised over $95,000 for Bethany! Go over the edge with us! Click here to learn more!
How will my gifts make a difference this year?
The 2017 Over the Edge Campaign will provide support for the health and medical needs of the youth served at Bethany. Many youth come into care with specialized medical needs and/or in need of basic medical care not previously received. Here are some of the services that our youth receive on a daily basis coordinated by our on campus Health Clinic Team:
- Annual Physicals
- Immunizations
- Dental Care
- Eye Exams/Eye Glasses
- Daily health services for colds, illness, allergies, minor injuries, cuts, etc…
- Wellness Classes and Health Education
- Dental and Vision Appointments
- Medications
- Specialized Medical Equipment
Please join us on September 22, 2017 to watch our Edgers go “Over The Edge”. Our Base Camp will be offering health and wellness information as well as food and fun!
For more information about our fundraiser, click here.
Ready to sign up to go Over The Edge? Click here!
To make a donation for an Edger, click here!

Please email us if you have any questions about Over The Edge or call 610-589-6828.


Welcome to all our 2017 Edgers!

(* denotes returning alumni Edger)

*Gary Eberly
Sylvia Zerbe
Harry O’Neill
*Meggan Kerber
Pete Rowley
William Rakow
Jon Gosselin
*Tim Twiford
*Corrine Dautrich
*Tyson Frey
Seth T Sechrist
*Jennifer Matten
Dustin Horne
*Kevin Snyder
Kirsten Keim-Shendge
Empire Team Member
Paula J. Ziegler
Karen Campbell
*Cruz Altamirano
Connie D’Augustine
Jon Scott
Britt Kobularick
Ana Lopez-Vives
John Richardson
Peter Connors
Bonnie Versace
Mickey Delong
Norma Bloss
Betty Coogan
Thad Gelsinger
Chris Powell
David Mattes
Heather Brady
Darlene Canning
Rebecca Clouser
Desiree Hagmayer
Dr. Patrick Borja
Sarah Bishop
Nicole Wessner
Jason Vanatta
Lynn Kreider
The Christman Family
Tom Chilton
Trish Brennan
Laurie Kercher


Berks County Bar Team
Empire Group
Joni Naugle

To see photos from last year’s Over The Edge, click here.