Independent Living

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Bethany’s Independent Living program is on campus using the houseparent model and geared towards youth age 16-20 who have maintained satisfactory educational progress (or may be working on their GED or college/higher education program), have demonstrated the ability to function appropriately with a minimal level of supervision, and have consistently utilized appropriate social skills and coping mechanisms to maintain appropriate interaction with his/her peers, staff, and the community.

Youth in the IL program receive all of the services and supports provided in the Residential Treatment Program, plus the following:

  • Advanced Life Skills Education and Independent Living Training
  • Completion of a personalized transition plan
  • Development of a personal portfolio (birth certificate, social security card, etc.)
  • Completion of a level system working toward Supervised Independent Living
  • Required educational programming, work, and/or community service hours to equal 40 hours weekly
  • Expectations and privileges based on level system
  • Outcomes are tracked

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