Admission Criteria

  • Bethany serves a coed, school-age population.
  • These youth have been adjudicated dependent or delinquent and may have been diagnosed with emotional difficulties.
  • Youth must be able to function in an open setting and attend public school.
  • Youth may be enrolled in regular classes or require special education supports (emotional supports, learning supports, or in some cases- life skills supports).
  • There are no geographical limitations except those dictated by the specific cases under consideration, where distance would make the delivery of service goals difficult or impossible.
  • Families of youth referred to the Short Term Intensive Program must be willing and able to be involved in family counseling.
  • Youth so aggressive as to represent a threat to the physical safety of others are not accepted for service.
  • Youth with extensive medical needs may not be appropriate for service.
  • Youth whose needs are of a nature that would require the continuous and immediate presence of staff are not accepted.
  • While many of the young people accepted have been diagnosed as manifesting mental health difficulties, youth who are identified as actively psychotic or requiring intensive psychiatric treatment would not be admitted.
  • Youth who exhibit prolonged episodes of the aforementioned behaviors during their stay will have their services discontinued and will be referred elsewhere by their placing county agency for more appropriate services.