Supervised Independent Living


Supervised Independent Living Program is to provide campus or community-based, apartment style independent living services for youth who are preparing to live independently in the community.  Youth will be housed in two to three bedroom apartments with no more than four youth per apartment within a close proximity to Bethany Home’s campus or on Bethany Home’s campus with close proximity to the public bus system.  There will be separate apartments available for males and females.

SIL helps youth prepare for adult living and economic self-sufficiency by allowing them appropriate decision-making and financial responsibilities with ongoing supervision and supportive services. Youth will be required to make steady progress toward completion of their educational and/or career goals, including, as applicable, regular attendance and satisfactory performance in an educational program, employment in an approved job, or a combination of work and school activities.

The program offers youth an environment that includes supportive adult relationships, real world experiences and consequences, high expectations for the development of personal responsibility, and opportunities for meaningful participation in the community. Youth in the program are required to complete a combination for a total of 40 hours per week of the following: education, employment, community service, therapeutic services, and approved extra-curricular activities.

For more information please contact us at 610-589-4501.