Art Department

2015-07-13 08.47.52

The Lamppost by Dustin Horne – Glass Mosaic

Bethany’s Art Department provides various art related groups and individual sessions to youth who reside at Bethany.  Youth have the opportunity to choose from Pottery, Fused Glass, Mosaics, and Mixed Media groups.  For youth who are interested in individual sessions, they can choose to focus on one of these areas in one-on-one instruction, with Resident Artist Dustin Horne.

Dustin meets with those youth who are interested in pursuing individual sessions to determine what area(s) they would like to focus on and helps them plan and design projects to work on during these sessions. In addition to relaxation, creativity, and skill building components of the Art Department, youth are allowed to explore emotions and current life events and develop coping skills through these one-on-one sessions.

Our Art Studio is also used for Team Building groups for cottages to create art work for their cottages, or special events on campus.  These groups create such projects as Cottage Safety Plans and Individual Safety Plans for the youth.  We also utilize the studio for Visiting Artists to provide instruction in various mediums, including Jewelry Making and Self-Esteem Building through Art. 

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