Special Projects


Our studio produces “Bethany Bowls” which are made by both our Resident Artist, and the youth in our Pottery groups.  These bowls are sold at our annual Anniversary Day in August.  We also produce several hundred Christmas Ornaments for sale through various venues, including UCC Conference Meetings and our Summer Concert Series.

Youth produced dog bone shaped ornaments for a Community Service Project and donated them to the Lebanon Humane Society  to sell and use the proceeds to help the shelter animals.  We also donated some of the dog bone ornaments to “Awesome Dawgs” Dog Training in Temple, PA where proceeds benefit the Berks County Humane Society.

We hope to get some of our artwork and products into other areas to sell year round to continue to benefit the studio and our youth here on campus. Please call Dustin Horne at 610-589-4501 ext 891 if you are interested in displaying or selling pieces from Bethany’s Art Studio.