Greetings Friends of Bethany Children’s Home,

As a representative of Bethany Children’s Home and a member of this important service for underrepresented and vulnerable populations in this community, I feel it is essential and imperative to provide a voice representing those in Bethany care and those representing all of Bethany services.

Since 1863, Bethany has stood for lives being transformed and healing due to unfortunate life circumstances. We represent the healing journey and the concept that every human being is valuable and worthy. Change and transformation is imperative to the Bethany mission and therefore has no tolerance for hatred toward any human being. Hatred has been in existence through the decades in the United States and recently has been excessively practiced and observed through the senseless deaths of Black Americans.

Though it is never too late to stand against hate, it has never been more important to the mission of Bethany, Berks County, Pennsylvania and the United States.

Black Lives Matter, Bethany Lives Matter, Youth Lives Matter, Every Life Matters. Bethany is in support of fighting the hatred and maltreatment of all humans and further stands against the unnecessary, excessive force against all people of color.

Furthermore, we will not tolerate the use of unnecessary physical interventions and force of any person.