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SAFE SPACES functions as a support group while providing education, safety, and confidentiality to youth who are growing with their identity as it pertains to current LGBTQ struggles.

Bethany Children’s Home is proud to be an ally.

Most importantly, this group is designed to build community cohesion for LGBTQ and straight ally youth; while focusing on allowing youth to have a “Safe Space” to provide support, build community, and provide tools to build positive activism. First, this will create change and spread knowledge to both staff and peer groups. In conclusion, we have our own Safe Space group on campus facilitated by social services and therapeutic staff.

Further, Safe Space facilitators often partner with Bethany’s PRIDE team to support youth and have partnered with SPECTRUM at Planned Parenthood for youth to attend SPECTRUM meetings in Reading. Additionally, the Safe Space curriculum and SPECTRUM meetings, Also, Bethany has utilized tools and resources from The Trevor Project, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and GLADD. As a result, we’ve participated in the Reading PRIDE parade, #spiritday, and National Coming Out Day. To sum up, learn more about Bethany’s commitment to being an Open & Affirming organization, click here.

“People Respecting Individuality and Diversity through Education”

Learn, Grow, Build, Teach, eQuality

Firstly, the purpose of the Bethany PRIDE Team is to foster safe spaces, provide education, and offer support for Bethany staff and youth regarding individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Secondly, the PRIDE team was created in 2010, included 12 staff, and began assisting our Director of Training to provide staff training sessions to help our employees understand and stay up to date on topics related to and of concern to the LGBTQ community and allies, including best practices for youth residential housing facilities and organizations.

Lastly, trainings include educational materials and role plays to foster a safe, effective working and living environment for all staff and youth of Bethany Children’s Home. Above all, materials and role plays touch on the issues that concern us: Bullying & Suicide, Discrimination, HIV/AIDS, Transgender, Teen Homelessness, Marriage Equality, and more; and provide employees with resources and support networks to ensure an understanding and compliance with best practices.

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