We have partnered with CommunityAid, a thrift store with seven locations across central Pennsylvania. Learn about the organization and their mission here: CommunityAid.org.
You can help Bethany by donating goods to ANY of CommunityAid’s locations and providing our partner code when you do so. We receive 13 cents per pound of items donated!
How you can help:
1. Gather up any items you would like to donate! You can find guidelines for what they do and do not accept on their website.
2. When you arrive to drop off your donation at the store, give the CommunityAid employee our partner number so Bethany gets credit for your donation! Our number is 50225.
3. Tell your friends, family and coworkers about the program.
4. Remember CommunityAid and our partner number whenever you clean out those closets, dressers, garages and basements!