Bethany Children’s Home follows the model of trauma-informed care in all programs. Therefore, each program is hosted on campus in Womelsdorf, PA. Because of that, our children’s home follows the house-parent model; and are On Call Campus Supervisors (OCCS) available 24 hours a day. Most importantly, Bethany makes sure our youth is safe and secure.

Bethany Children's Home
Youth in all of our programs are provided the following:
  • Intake Health Screening
  • Health oversight and referral
  • Psychiatric Services on site
  • Observant Spiritual Assessments at intake
  • Spiritual Services including moral development
  • Siblings can be placed together and receive sibling counseling
  • Sibling and family visits available
  • Bethany Education Coordinator located on Conrad Weiser School District Grounds responsible solely for Bethany Youth
  • Daily life skills training for all youth through cottage living
  • Arts and Crafts and Recreation with dedicated programming staff

Finally, our campus includes a full gym with fitness center, multipurpose room, racquetball courts, basketball-volleyball-tennis courts, low ropes course, hiking trails, fishing pond, church with its own recreation center, softball field, arts and crafts building with ceramics studio, health clinic and working farm. Because of all our programs Bethany remains one of the best organizations in the area.

Helping Hands

First and foremost, Bethany Children’s Home has expanded their services to provide a Helping Hands program to shelter unaccompanied children who have crossed our borders to enter the United States. Most noteworthy, these children are seeking to reunite with their families who reside in the United States. Therefore, many of these children are victims of human trafficking and/or have come from bad environments. The children are in desperate need of a safe and appropriate shelter while seeking reunification with their family members so they can start a happy life in the United States.

Furthermore, the Children’s Home had previously reunited 188 children with their families approximately 5 years ago under a one-year Emergency Compelling Grant that Bethany named Helping Hands. The new grant is similar; however, it is a three-year grant. As a result, staff at Bethany will tell you that working with these children was one of the most rewarding experiences in which they have been involved.

Secondly, this program provides education in addition to healthcare, socialization/recreation, mental health services, case management and family reunification. It should be noted the goal of the program is reunify its 65 new residents with family members or sponsors within a 30-day time period. Because of this, the program is an extension of Bethany’s 156-year history of providing shelter and residential services for abused, neglected and abandoned children.

Lastly, to view what positions are available for this program and to apply, visit our Employment Page!

Transitional Living Program

Firstly, the Transitional Living Program is a program of Bethany Home, Inc. Though located on the grounds of Bethany Children’s Home, the Transitional Living Program is a distinct service separate from the other programs at Bethany Home Inc.

Secondly, the Transitional Living Program at Bethany is a trauma-informed, strength-based and responsive program. Transitional Living Program helps young adults prepare to be living independently in the community by offering young adults an opportunity towards independence. Therefore, young adults will utilize the independent living skills they have learned previously by practicing with staff. Then, working those same skills on their own at an appointed time. Above all, this program allows our youth to further develop and practice sustaining the following skills:

  • Time Management Skills/Setting Priorities
  • Budgeting and Money Management Skills
  • Cooking/Domestic Skills
  • Transportation Skills
  • Communication, Interpersonal, Social Skills
  • Decision Making/Problem-Solving Skills
  • Personal Healthcare Knowledge
  • Work Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Navigating life events such as getting a license, buying a car, purchasing the insurance for that car, finding other ways of transport if they are not getting a car, deciding on career path or college/higher education path, engaging in community involvement and more.

Finally, youth who meet the requirements to be in this program are self-motivating and learning to get themselves to and from commitments such as higher education and/or work independently. Similar to other youth their age, they will need to be responsible for their food, clothing, and personal hygiene. In conclusion, the Transitional Living Program helps youth plan for shopping trips to teach life skills training in product sales and use of coupons when available through local print and online resources and other life experiences as well.

Residential & Short Term

First, youth in Bethany’s Residential Treatment Program and Short Term Intensive Treatment Program reside in 6 cottages on Bethany’s scenic campus in Womelsdorf, PA. All cottages combine to offer 78 beds to male and female youth.

Second, Residential and Short Term programs are provided with these services, in addition to a few services unique to the respective programs.

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Licensed and Master’s Level Therapists
  • Family therapy through contract counselors
  • Psychological Services through contract counselors
  • Drug and Alcohol services
  • Immediate School Placement
  • Alternative education program and special education through Conrad Weiser School District
  • On-ground tutoring lab is available and mandatory for any student failing
  • Balanced and Restorative Justice Principles outcomes for JPO youth
  • Community service opportunities 
  • Daniel Memorial Assessment
  • Formal Life Skills Training and Education 
  • Personalized Transition and Permanency Planning 

Residential Treatment Program is intended for youth who require support and services to obtain skills in order to move to a less structured setting. Most noteworthy, these following are services unique to the Residential Treatment Program.

  • Life Skills for all youth 14 and older
  • Assistance with higher education planning
  • Employment and housing assistance

The Short Term Intensive Treatment Program is a 90-day program intended for youth whose permanency goal is reunification or for youth who require intensive initial treatment services before Residential Treatment Services begin. The following are services unique to the Short Term Intensive Treatment Program.

  • Twice weekly individual therapy
  • Families must commit to 12 weekly family sessions alternating between Bethany and their home/mutually agreeable location.
  • Immediate School Placement in an on-campus alternative education program via CW School District

Call today for referrals (610) 589-4501 ext 117.

Shelter Care

For immediate assistance with emergency services contact the Shelter Care Program at (610) 589-4501, ext 117.

Bethany’s Shelter Care program provides emergency services and immediate housing to youth ages 6-18. The Shelter Care Program provides the same services offered to all youth in other programs at Bethany, plus the following unique services.

  • Crisis Intervention/emergency services
  • Short term housing
  • Immediate School Placement in Alternative Education Programming
  • 24 hour awake child care staff
  • On-site Director of Shelter Care and Social Services Staff
  • Off campus educational field trips
  • Use of outside groups for education on topics such as drugs and alcohol prevention, pregnancy prevention, and maintaining healthy relationships

Call today for referrals (610) 589-4501 ext 117.

Independent Living

Our Independent Living program is on campus using the houseparent model and geared towards youth age 16-20 who have maintained satisfactory educational progress (or may be working on their GED or college/higher education program), have demonstrated the ability to function appropriately with a minimal level of supervision, and have consistently utilized appropriate social skills and coping mechanisms to maintain appropriate interaction with his/her peers, staff, and the community.

Youth in the IL program receive all of the services and supports provided in the Residential Treatment Program, plus the following:

  • Advanced Life Skills Education and Independent Living Training
  • Development of a personal portfolio (birth certificate, social security card, etc.)
  • Completion of a level system working toward Supervised Independent Living
  • Required educational programming, work, and/or community service hours to equal 40 hours weekly
  • Expectations and privileges based on level system
  • Outcomes are tracked

Call today for referrals (610) 589-4501 ext 117.

Supervised Independent Living

Supervised Independent Living Program is to provide campus or community-based, apartment style independent living services for youth who are preparing to live independently in the community. Youth will be housed in two to three bedroom apartments with no more than four youth per apartment within a close proximity to Bethany Home’s campus or on Bethany Home’s campus with close proximity to the public bus system. There will be separate apartments available for males and females.

SIL helps youth prepare for adult living and economic self-sufficiency by allowing them appropriate decision-making and financial responsibilities with ongoing supervision and supportive services. Youth will be required to make steady progress toward completion of their educational and/or career goals, including, as applicable, regular attendance and satisfactory performance in an educational program, employment in an approved job, or a combination of work and school activities.

The program offers youth an environment that includes supportive adult relationships, real world experiences and consequences, high expectations for the development of personal responsibility, and opportunities for meaningful participation in the community. Youth in the program are required to complete a combination for a total of 40 hours per week of the following: education, employment, community service, therapeutic services, and approved extra-curricular activities.

For more information please contact us at (610) 589-4501.

Admissions Criteria
  • Bethany serves a coed, school-age population.
  • These youth have been adjudicated dependent or delinquent and may have been diagnosed with emotional difficulties.
  • Youth must be able to function in an open setting and attend public school.
  • Any youth may be enrolled in regular classes or require special education supports (emotional supports, learning supports, or in some cases- life skills supports).
  • There are no geographical limitations except those dictated by the specific cases under consideration, where distance would make the delivery of service goals difficult or impossible.
  • Families of youth referred to the Short Term Intensive Program must be willing and able to be involved in family counseling.
  • Youth so aggressive as to represent a threat to the physical safety of others are not accepted for service.
  • Youth with extensive medical needs may not be appropriate for service.
  • Youth whose needs are of a nature that would require the continuous and immediate presence of staff are not accepted.
  • While many of the young people accepted have been diagnosed as manifesting mental health difficulties, youth who are identified as actively psychotic or requiring intensive psychiatric treatment would not be admitted.
  • Youth who exhibit prolonged episodes of the aforementioned behaviors during their stay will have their services discontinued and will be referred elsewhere by their placing county agency for more appropriate services.

Referrals are accepted from any Commonwealth of Pennsylvania County Children and Youth Agency, Juvenile Probation Office, or other child-placing agencies Bethany has a service contract.

How to Initiate a Referral

To initiate a referral to Bethany Children’s Home please call (610) 589-4501 ext 117 to determine the appropriateness of the referral and the availability of bed space.

Please send the following by fax to (610) 589-5771.

  1. Social history
  2. Recent psychiatric and/or psychological evaluation
  3. Summary of school records

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